Sunday, March 23, 2008

EPA Checklist: Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Everybody’s wondering what 14 questions the US Environmental Protection Agency’s meeting planners are now required to ask when sourcing a meeting. Me too! Tracking them down was time-consuming, so as a benefit to my faithful blog readers—here are the EPA questions:

1. Do you have a recycling program? Please describe.
2. Do you have a linen/towel reuse option that is communicated to guests?
3. Do guests have easy access to public transportation or a shuttle service?
4. Are the lights and AC turned off when rooms are not in use? How do you ensure this?
5. Do you use bulk dispensers for beverages, condiments and food?
6. Do you provide reusable utensils, napkins and tablecloths when serving food and beverages?
7. Do you have an energy-efficiency program? Please describe.
8. Do you have a water conservation program? Please describe.
9. Do you have paperless check-in and checkout?
10. Do you use recycled and recyclable products?
11. Do you source food from local growers?
12. Do you use biobased and biodegradable products?
13. Do you train your employees on these green initiatives?
14. What other environmental initiatives are in place?

My guess is you have developed some questions to add to this list! Let us know what they are.

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