Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Today is a Brand New Day!

It is a brand new day...for the world and for our industry! Today there is a shift in audience sophistication toward the topic of green meetings. Sustainability and green meetings encompass more than the tactical strategies of recycling and conservation. They also include presenting solutions to the global concerns of corporate social responsibility, ethics in green marketing and reducing the environmental impact of the entire industry.

Green Meeting Industry Council's leadership feels a strong need to move beyond awareness of green and toward driving change within the industry. Thus the new mission statement of the GMIC, “transforming the global meetings industry through sustainability” and a new visual brand identity. The new brand and mission statement integrate GMIC’s international outreach as well as its commitment to sustainability.

According to executive director, Tamara Kennedy-Hill, “It is important to balance the growing awareness of green with making a commitment to change behavior. The GMIC is not an organization that will be satisfied with merely a checklist. We realize these are important tools and will continue to provide training and tips for best practices. However, the leaders and members of this organization feel strongly about engaging the meetings industry to embrace responsible practices today in order to leave a legacy for future generations.”

If you haven't already, join us! It is time to get involved!

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