Thursday, March 12, 2009

Trust is the Issue

More and more you are hearing about the lack of trust customers are expressing for companies and organizations. Who can you trust? How to do know? What are their core values?

Consumers are looking for more accountability and transparency. Both of these are inherent in environmental practices and reporting. According to a 2008 Cone Consumer Environmental Survey, "70 percent of Americans indiciate that they are paying attention to what companies are doing with regard to the environment today, even if they cannot buy until the future." In addition, "35 percent of Americans have higher expectations for companies to make and sell environmentally responsible products and services during the economic downturn."

Do you take the environment into consideration when planning your meetings? How do your meetings reflect the values of your organization?
What is your organization doing to give stakeholders a higher level of trust right now?

Read the full survey:

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