Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bragging Rights

The Meet Green Forum has a thread asking members to brag about their "Biggest Green Accomplishment of 2009." This post came from one of our team members (which I guess makes it extra bragging rights for me). I actually chose to share it though because it is an excellent example of one meeting manager's experience in changing to a more sustainable product. Thanks, Britta!

"I championed getting one of our clients to switch over to a more sustainable name badge holder. For the badge holder, we chose the EcoEndure Biodegradable Polypropylene badge, which is biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable. It was made of a lighter-weight plastic that was perfect for a short lived event. And--bonus--it was much cheaper than our usual badge that was made of recycled polypropylene!

There are so many "green" options out there for these products, it's really a matter of striking a balance of what will work best for attendees and what is best for the earth.

The 1000 attendees loved the holders (they were printed lightly with the words “Recyclable, Biodegradable, and Recyclable) and many of them commented that they were glad to see we had chosen a more sustainable option. They held up well through the course of the conference, and they ended up saving the client money. I’d call
that a green success!"

Feel free to join the forum and brag too!


Unknown said...

Working from home! Not only do I save resources by avoiding the daily commute, but I do less unnecessary stops on the way home. In my case, and object at home tends to stay at home!

Unknown said...

We've been using canvas bags for our trade shows, rather than plastic, for years.
This year we stopped. It sounds crazy, but our members told us that they were INNUNDATED with canvas bags and didn't know how o reuse them all efficiently!

Plus, we typically have 25-30 booths in our exhibit hall, they were just plain old deemed overkill.

This year's solution? Lightweight oxo-biodegradable LDPE (#4) plastic bags! I know it sounds totally counerintuitive, but the hotel gladly added any extra / unwanted bags to their recycling bin, without question. Less shipping costs for me, and a VERY happy sponsor that got full color for the same cost as 1 color would have been on canvas!