Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Great Way to Start the Day!

There is almost nothing better than talking to an engaged group of students about sustainable meeting practices! That is just how my morning started. Tyra Hilliard (early advocate of green meetings and the Green Meeting Industry Council) asked me to present to her class at the University of Alabama. Using skype and webcams from my office in Oregon, I could see the entire class and they could see me. The technology allowed us to interact without any of us getting on an airplane--no greenhouse gas emissions required.

The students were young, energetic and interested in learning. Change may not be as difficult for them as it can be for people twice their age--like me. As these students move into the world they will be bringing forward new ways of doing business. Their thoughtful questions lead me to believe it will be a more sustainable way. They are the future of meetings.

Go TIDE!!!!

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