Friday, July 27, 2012

Consider YOUR Source

Think it doesn't matter where you source your event promotional items from?  Ask the US Olympic Committee and think again.  When word leaked out about the uniforms being "Made in China," the media world went crazy with bad publicity.  My Google search today revealed pages upon pages of links to stories about how thoughtless it was of the Committee. 

A little bit of due diligence by this esteemed group could have resulted in a wonderful news story about how "Made in America" products were being worn by the athletes winning medals for our country.  Imagine the photo op of the seamstress watching the Olympics and rooting for the individual wearing the uniform she lovingly sewed.  Instead, look at the firestorm of media that has resulted.

The Canadian Olympic Committee apparently took these steps and are able to report 85% of their uniforms were made in their country.  They are already winners in their nation's eyes.

Don't think for a minute the promotional products we select for the our events won't have a backlash.  Maybe not today and maybe not to this degree, but soon and it will impact on your organization's image. Count on it.

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