Monday, October 1, 2012

ABCs of Sustainable Meetings

A Alternative Fuels - Includes a wide range of fuel types including biofuels derived from corn, so and recycled cooking oils, ethanol blended fuel, biodiesel, bioalcohol, etc. 

B Biodegradable - Capable of being broken down by natural processes, such as bacterial action (hint: always ask how long it takes to break down and if the product has been certified).

C Carbon Offset - A way of counteracting the carbon emitted when the use of fossil fuel causes greenhouse gas emissions. Offsets commonly involve investing in projects such as renewable energy, tree planting and energy efficiency projects. 

D Diversion Rate - The percentage of waste materials diverted from traditional disposal such as landfilling or incineration to be recycled, composted or re-used. 

 ...and on and on through the rest of the alphabet soup of sustainable meetings.  Green meeting practices often come with a whole new set of words to master. Like me, you probably don't have an environmental science degree and want an easy solution to this challenge.  

We've gotcha covered.  After constantly adding to and updating our glossary over the years, we recently published a new edition.  There are now over 500 words relating to meeting planning, CSR and sustainable events.

Please use our glossary

U Will be so happy you did!


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