Thursday, December 27, 2012

Better Than an Apocalypse

The end of 2012 was destined to bring all sorts of surprises, but when the well-advertised Apocalypse failed to materialize, I gave up hope of seeing change.

I was premature, however, because the Meetings Focus East, January 2013 issue hit my desk today with news of Six Key Trends.  It seems a "State of Meetings" survey of more than 380 meeting planners by Destination Hotels & Resorts revealed that Number 2 on the list of trends was "Being green affects the bottom line."  Yes, meeting planners say they evaluate green practices as part of their booking decision.  In fact, 63% say eco-friendly practices are either somewhat or extremely important when choosing a venue.

Hotels and resorts are likely going to see an impact on securing future business through offering thoughtful, established programs with numbers this high.

Two of the other items on the list also have green components when you consider eating healthy, local food and community service activities as part of a team building adventure.

Change is upon us as the shift towards environmentally friendly meetings is stronger than ever as we move into 2013.  If your organization hasn't already embraced this change, take a look at how it will affect YOUR bottom line!

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