Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oracle OpenWorld Tells a Story

 "Every picture tells a story." 

 Just as this photo of an Oracle OpenWorld participant arriving at the conference helps us understand what event sustainability really looks like, our words can also draw a picture. As sustainable event professionals, the amount of data swimming about can often drown any hope of really sharing our story when we write a final report.

The Oracle OpenWorld San Francisco 2012 Sustainability Report uses compelling visual and written images to weave a story of sustainability.   Here are a few great examples:
  • Buying 100% post-consumer recycled paper for the event's collateral items saved 450 trees
  • Reducing adhesive signs has saved enough product to cover 87 pool tables since 2009 
  • Providing reusable tumblers and hydration stations has eliminated the use of 69,711 plastic bottles 
  • Retaining enough signs for reuse to cover 5 football fields and enough carpet to cover over 3 football fields 
 All of those statistics translated into images our brains can visualize help us understand the enormous impact sustainable decisions can have. They tell a story you will remember and perhaps pass on to others.  Not only are the accomplishments of Oracle Openworld impressive, so is the story!

Now if my mind would just let go of the vision of 142,000 cups of coffee served during the event.  I keep imagining how long that line might be at my local coffee shop.

Photo and Sustainability Report Writing Credit:  Shawna McKinley

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