Thursday, October 3, 2013

Help Them Pack

The program is finalized, the banquet event orders are signed, sponsors have shipped their freight and now it's time for participants to head out for your event.

Wait, you may want to help them pack!

There are a few items they can bring to help save the environment, and in some cases, money!  On your last email out to conference attendees this fall, add these few tips:

  • Bring your own reusable coffee cup and water bottle
  • Pack one less pair of shoes and say goodbye to 4.85 lbs. of CO2 on your flight
  • Let us know what meals you will be attending so we don't over-order food
  • Before you leave home, stop your newspaper and turn down the heat
  • Take public transportation to and from the airport
  • When you arrive at the hotel, tell them you won't need a newspaper delivered (unless you are planning to read and recycle it)
  • Ask the hotel for their linen and towel reuse policy and hold them to it
  • Look for recycle and composting bins the event organizers have made available for you

Feel free to add your own environmental initiatives to the list, educating attendees on what you have done on their behalf to lessen the impact of your conference.  Evaluations show, your guests will be grateful and your organization's image will be shining.

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