Monday, February 25, 2008

Join Me by the Campfire

There are lots of great stories passed on by folks while sitting around a campfire reminiscing. As planners, we always like to share what went right, what went wrong, silly things that happen, and people we meet. I thought it might be fun to include posts from time to time telling campfire stories. So sit back and relax while I tell you about the time…

….we had ordered a conference breakfast that included yogurt for 300 guests. We asked for bulk service not individual plastic containers. The caterer was eager to comply and on the morning of the event, out came the yogurt in all its glory. Yes, sir, a huge vat of reddish-brown strawberry yogurt. No, not a vat, I would actually describe it more as a bath tub of the gooey stuff. Sitting there in the middle of the buffet table bigger than life itself. Few people were brave enough to take the plunge and scoop out a serving.

From that day forward when I ask for bulk yogurt, I make sure to ask for several serving dishes which can be kept cold and won’t intimidate my guests.

That’s my scary campfire story. Now we invite you to share yours!

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