Friday, February 8, 2008

Sharing Best Practices

As co-facilitator for the Green Meetings Special Interest Group at the recent PCMA conference, I had the opportunity to join the group of meeting professionals as they shared their best practices. There was a vast wealth of ideas and expertise as we all learned from each other. I thought I would share a few….

Signage. A planner rented white boards and hired local art students to design and change the signs throughout the conference. Armed with dry erase markers, they went to work. There was a great response as people watched the artists changing the signs between sessions.

Centerpieces. This conference collaborated with the local Boys and Girls Club taking the kids to a ceramic shop where they decorated the pots to be used as centerpieces. The pots were auctioned off at the end of the event with the proceeds going back to the Boys and Girls Club. The pots were filled with herbs which were donated to a local culinary institute.

Transportation. One organization distributed pedometers to conference attendees to promote/encourage travel by foot instead of using transportation vehicles. They then held a contest for those who walked the most and got participants excited. Note: transportation was provided for those unable to walk.

See it can be fun AND green. My guess would be economical too!

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