Friday, May 8, 2009

Dangle The Right Carrot

In an attempt to Go Green...but mostly to save money, we drastically reduced the number of conference bags ordered for EclipseCon this spring. At registration, instead of just handing them a conference bag, we asked the participants if they wanted one. They were also told they would receive an extra drink ticket if they refused the bag. Surprising(or not) more than 50% wanted a drink more than a bag.

This also allowed the conference to eliminate sponsored items getting pre-stuffed in the bags. Take a look at the savings:

o on purchasing and shipping of the bags (50% fewer),
o on the cost of drayage with the decorator (lower poundage)
o less exhibitor promotional materials shipped
o no bag stuffing labor costs
o less trash produced

More than offsetting the cost of a beverage. Creative and fun solutions to the exiting challenges we face!

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