Tuesday, July 28, 2009

If Not Now, When?

I was upset to read that Benchmark Hospitality International (in a recent One+ article) stated the, "#2 Top Meeting Trend. It is not easy being green. Or at least it's not easy being green in a challenging economy."

Really? Has there ever been a better time? Doesn't this economy call for innovation? We are all looking for ways to save money--planners and suppliers alike.

Luckily, the Intercontinental Hotels Group agrees. IHG, the world's largest hotel company by number of rooms, is trialling a new on-line system called ‘Green Engage*', which will help hotel general managers manage energy consumption more effectively. Early trials have shown potential energy savings of up to 25%. If fully adopted by all hotels across the 4,000 strong IHG portfolio, it is estimated that the savings for hotel owners could be as much as $200 million.

The IHG ‘Green Engage' software works by hotels directly inputting data on site. The system automatically compares hotels of a similar nature across the world and lists a series of actions that each hotel can take to reduce waste and the consumption of energy and water.

Huge savings for both the environment and their bottom line! I repeat, has there ever been a better time?

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