Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Doing The Right Thing

If your organization is incorporating volunteer work, food donations or benefit events in your meetings, you are not alone! A recent survey by Meetings & Conventions Magazine of 156 planners shows 51% have done just that. In fact, 62% are planning to increase volunteer/charitable activities.

One other wonderful statistic is 50% of those surveyed work for organizations who now have corporate social responsibility policies. If you don't know if your organization has a CSR policy (as 10% weren't sure), it is time to do some research. Knowing the CSR policy can help you engage key stakeholders in the meetings arena. Where better to show how your company is "doing the right thing" than in the meeting/event forum?

Sponsorship Tip: Take a look at your potential sponsor's CSR policies. Use them in discussions as you invite them them to join you in showing good corporate citizenship through sustainable meetings!

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