Monday, November 2, 2009

Let's Predict The Future

The world of meetings has changed. Our job as meeting professionals to connect people has not changed. It is vitally important that people continue to communicate, share and learn from each other. The economy, technology, and social considerations will play a much larger role as we move forward as meeting professionals. We believe the more proactive meeting professionals are, the more likely the profession is to thrive in the future.

Could you take a few minutes to help us understand and shape the future? MeetGreen has developed a survey to get a clearer picture of the impact virtual meetings are having on organizations. Our goal is to use this information to further develop the skills to keep connecting people, whether that is in person or remotely. We would greatly appreciate your response to this quick, one-page online survey no later than November 11, 2009:
Take the Survey!

For each response received MeetGreen will be donating $1 to the Oregon Food Bank. All responses are anonymous and are being analyzed as part of a research partnership with Vancouver Island University. We would greatly appreciate your insight. Thank you!

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