Friday, December 11, 2009

Green Event Tip of the Week #7

It really is the green tip of the week--and red too! The holiday season is upon us. When planning your holiday events, don't forget to incorporate the same sustainable practices you use when planning your corporate events.

  • Serve guests on china instead of disposable plates and use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins. Isn't it much more elegant anyway?

  • Buy local food for your meals. The winter season may make this more difficult depending on your location--especially for local produce--but check other items too. We recently had fabulous meal where most of the items came from within 100 miles, except the pasta. For some reason, it had traveled 6,200 miles. I am just saying...check the package.

  • Serve beverages from pitchers or large containers instead of individual bottles.

  • Get creative with wrapping paper by reusing other fun paper. Or be like my friends in Guadalajara and buy beautiful boxes that can be reused year after year. Everyone exchanges gifts this way in their community.

  • Give handmade gifts or those made by indigenous people. Recycled gifts have also become acceptable but make sure it is a gift worth regifting (no more hand lotion gift packs, please).

  • Use LED lights for lighting up your celebration. They will save money in the long run. While you are at it, put them on a timer too!

I bet you have a few tips of your own to add too!

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