Monday, December 14, 2009

Take Your Green to the Bank

What's better than a holiday bonus for me? (well almost)...the findings from a recent survey of 131 meeting professionals by Meeting & Conventions Magazine (October 2009 issue). Even in these economic times, 51% said, "Green meetings have become more important."

Why have they become important? Perhaps another survey question answered that--22% said "On the whole, green initiatives have saved their organization money." Another 37% said they hadn't seen the savings yet, but projected that they would. Are we finally turning the corner on dispelling this myth that green meetings have to cost more?

Twenty-four percent "do not implement any green policies that add to our costs." I agree. But I also look at the budget as a whole. For example, if organic produce costs a little more but I can make that up by serving bulk beverages instead individually packaged, my F&B budget is still either cost neutral or a cost savings.

Hoteliers looking for clients? 56% of these professionals now inquire about green initiatives on RFPs and another 15% plan to in the next year. Be ready!


Julie Baylor said...

It's amazing how when we do the right thing, the profits follow.

Nancy J. Zavada, CMP said...

Exactly! Keep spreading the word and perhaps in 2010 the "green costs more" myth will disappear!