Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Green Incentive and a Good Buzz

No more excuses...tomorrow is your day to give up that paper cup for your morning coffee.

On April 15th, if you bring in your own reusable coffee mug to any Starbucks--you will receive a free cup of coffee. Check out their website for more information on their green project

Thanks to Ken for bringing this to my attention! He will be standing in line early tomorrow morning in Guadalajara for his sustainable caffiene fix.


Bernardo said...

Will anyone please let me know tomorrow if Starbucks in Guadalajara will honor the free coffee thing?

When it comes to this things we always get a lame excuse like "that's only in the US" or just the first "30 mugs"

So please let me know so that I can run to my local Starbucks and get my free cup of joe.

Ken Bauer said...

Some friends here in Guadalajara are being turned down for their free coffee unless they have a Starbucks mug. Not at all cool and I'm working on getting the info. This day is not about selling more Starbucks merchandise.