Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Second Degree: Responsible Action

The Second Degree of Social Responsibility for meetings and events includes actions that integrate social responsibility into fundamental planning practices like procurement and hiring. Here are a few great examples:

Fair Trade
Sometimes goods are produced in ways that don't allow everyone to share in the benefits. Farmers may not be able to own the land they grow a crop on, they might not be paid a living wage, or even given a fair fee for their crop. When you buy fair trade, you send a message that we all need to ask questions about how products are made and how producers benefit. Fortunately there are tools out there that help planners source fairly traded products such as Fair Trade Labeling Organizations International:

Buying local can be associated with both social and environmental responsibility. It reduces energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by requiring less transportation and benefits the community where you meet. Local food is fresher and tastes better, local talent allows you to experience the culture and local products support the community.

Health and Safety
Meeting planners are starting to require suppliers source products that are safe for human and environmental health. Request hotels use environmentally-certified cleaners, giveaways are BPA free and buses don't idle while waiting to shuttle attendees.

You create experiences that are successful and memorable because they are absent of issues that make your participants dissatisfied. Consider sensitivity to diet and allergens, ability, culture and other human characteristics that will enable participation and enjoyment of your events. Air quality issue are emerging worldwide in response to guest concerns. Learn how green certification programs are addressing the smoking issue:

To read the entire report, "Having a Human Impact: What is social responsibility for meetings?"click here

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