Thursday, June 3, 2010

Deep in the Heart of Texas

When I talked about how leadership is a role not a positon yesterday, one recent example came to mind. I met with Tony Thomas, Assistant Director of Property Operations, and Kim Hubbard Spurlock, Quality Assurance Manager, Hilton Anatole Dallas to find out what initiatives they have in place.

The first thing they did was hand me a sheet of their "Green Practices" which described for me, as a planner, what I could expect from their facility. Great way to start. Then Tony began describing all the strategies and what they were saving. It wasn't the statistics that impressed me as much as his glowing face, genuine excitement and personal pride as he went through the list. He talked about how much had been accomplished and plans for the future. He talked about it being a journey weighing the economic and environmental costs with each decision. He talked about how these positively impacted the guest experience.

Passionate leaders--who are they in your organization?

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