Wednesday, June 2, 2010

You Are Wrong

Scary words that impart an uncomfortable feeling. According to Bob Willard, "Executives will resist culture change for the same reason you would resist having your worldview changed: it has worked for you until now, and change implies that you were wrong. Most of us are not prepared to admit our mistakes, especially if we are executives. We should not be surprised if skeptical executives do not welcome our offer to help them see the sustainability light."

Are you the sustainability champion in your organization? Are you getting resistance to change? Their reaction to change may be as basic as colleagues feeling they were wrong. Fascinating! In his book, "The Sustainability Champions Guidebook", Bob Willard talks about how sustainability champions often "hold junior or middle management positions in their organizations and lack the authority to effect the necessary changes." What these champions do understand, however, is that leadership is a role, not a position.

If you are leading the sustainability initiatives in your organization I heartily recommend reading "The Sustainability Champions Guidebook".

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