Monday, August 23, 2010

What The Heck?

I am not sure where to start…

Today I received a package from a company in Florida which is about as far from Portland as you can get in the continental United States--a distance of 3,088.5 miles.

I did not request this package.

The package contained 4 individual bottles of water and some glossy literature.

I do not drink bottled water nor do I allow it at any of my meetings or events.

The glossy (most likely not sustainable) literature and decals explain that this water was bottled in America and is better because it will not be shipped a long distance.

More than 3088.5 miles?

The glossy literature tells me the bottles are compostable.

Our office has a compost bin however it only takes table scraps and yard clippings. Our city does not have curbside composting so I have no way of composting these bottles even if I were to drink the water.

But, again, I don’t drink bottled water.

The copy tells me this is “the most environmentally friendly water ever.”

Shipped from Florida in a one-time use bottle is better than me taking my glass to the tap 20 feet away? I am confused.

Their sales pitch says, “Be an environmentalist without even thinking about it.”

Clearly they didn’t.


Laura said...

I love when you can take a "green pitch" like this one and tear it apart, sentence by sentence, action by action. It would actually be funny if the sad truth wasn't that some people don't find the irony in these greenwashed promises.

Nancy J. Zavada, CMP said...

I agree, Laura. It requires each of us to be mindful of choices we make and to let others know when their "green" product really isn't.