Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Confessions...Take My Advice

Here it is the week of the wedding. I have done my best to be as environmentally, economically, and socially responsible as possible. I have shared a few of the stories with you. But as we always say, no event is 100% sustainable and so it was for this green wedding. In my final confession, I share the rest of unsustainable decisions I made…

  • I chose a new wedding dress. I didn’t reuse or reclaim the fabric in anyway. My guilty pleasure is made of luxurious silk and Chantilly lace.

  • There will be saucers under the coffee cups. I know, I know…we always advocate against this to save water and energy. If it had been a business meeting, I would agree. But the look of this formal dinner setting with a cup (no saucer) just didn’t work.

  • I asked the pastry chef to kindly not tell me where the decadent chocolate came from (I am pretty sure it isn’t from within 100 miles of here).

  • I chose beef for dinner instead of an all vegetarian menu. Although we do have a wonderful vegetarian option, my friends and family seem to be mostly carnivores who enjoy a really good steak.

  • Guests will fly in from New Jersey, Washington DC, San Francisco, La Conner, Vancouver BC, and Los Angeles. That is a lot of carbon to be responsible for. (And we thought we were being so careful by honeymooning close to home).

Take my advice (spoken during these last few days of dealing with the final details, crazy relatives, ridiculous requests and way too many things left to do)…ELOPE!

It is the only way to be truly sustainable. Save money, save the Earth and save your sanity!

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