Thursday, April 14, 2011

Now You're Talking My Language

The Next Sustainability Wave: Building Buy-in and the Business Case was the title of Bob Willard’s webinar today. I feel compelled to share a few of the many pearls of wisdom he shared. His advice when building the business case and talking to business executives about sustainability, is to talk in their language, not necessarily yours. Make it relevant to their world of stockholders, risk management, and economic indicators. For example:

Asset Management – Use this term to describe what is often called the “triple bottom line.” Refer to the economic capital, natural capital and human capital.

Smart Business – can replace the term “sustainable business.”

Low Risk Enterprise – let them know the initiatives you bring forward will lower their risks now and in the future while making them piles of money.

According to Mr. Williard’s study, small to medium enterprises embracing sustainability will see a 66% increase in profit over the next five years (three, if they are aggressive). Large enterprises will see a 38% increase in profitability in five years.

It was an outstanding webinar and they have promised to link the recorded version on the Transitioning to Green website He also promised his slides would be available which he wants people to take, use and share in hopes of creating more change in the world

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