Monday, April 11, 2011

Thanks For The Reminder

The work of developing a more sustainable meeting industry is vitally important to the health of our planet. I know that. Although, sometimes in the day-to-day struggle of reviewing standards, tracking measurement and listening to political discourse, I admit to losing sight of the connection. My connection to nature.

Last week, I took time away to remember why I do this work, why it is important and why I am not through yet. Hiking through the forest to a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean drinking in the smell of the pine trees mingled with the salt air, my busy mind became very calm. I watched others, who had been talking and gesturing loudly at the beginning of the trail, settle into whispers or complete silence by the time they arrived at the sea. The rustle of the wind through the trees, the call of the sea birds and the rhythm of the crashing waves were the only sounds necessary.

At that moment, I remembered why and was renewed in my efforts.

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