Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Green = Green

book cover Saving Green by Going Green written by MeetGreenIt all started with the Five Myths of Green Meetings outlined in our early presentations. Some were easier to dispel than others such as "Myth #4 - only environmental groups are going green." Today, sustainability is a mainstream business strategy.

Myth #1 - Environmentally responsible meetings are too expensive," has been proven false, but continues to be a source of uncertainty for meeting and event managers. We get it! It is time for a step-by-step guide for saving money through green meeting practices.

Shawna, Amy and I developed a comprehensive workbook designed to walk you through the process of budgeting, procurement, tracking and reporting back to key stakeholders. This methodology has saved our clients $3.9 million since 2008 (we can prove that statement). The book will walk you through the process, providing budgeting analysis sheets, vendor request samples and reporting spreadsheets. It also cites real-life case study examples for those that learn like I do.

The workbook, Saving Green by Going Green will be available in mid-July. If you want to start the saving green right away, you can pre-order the book at a discount)

Note: I am always uncomfortable "tooting my own horn," but if you struggle with this piece of the triple bottom line, the workbook may very well be the answer. We are all on the sustainability journey together, take advantage of our map.

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