Monday, June 13, 2011

Some Like It Hot

Many of you may remember the legendary Hotel del Coronado from Marilyn Monroe's film, Some Like it Hot. Others have held their own legendary meetings there. Either way, when an 123 year old hotel does what it takes to receive Green Seal Certification, we take notice.

Here is a partial list of the changes they made:

  • Replaced all outdoor trash cans with dual-use receptacles for trash and recycling
  • Recycle fry oil for use in the production of biofuels
  • Retrofit every guest room for energy-efficient lighting
  • Installed ceiling fans in the guest rooms to cut back on air conditioning usage
  • Planted an onsite garden for fresh produce and herbs
  • Implemented an energy management system to control the HVAC and lighting.

Congratulations to "The Del" on becoming the oldest US Hotel to receive this certification! Here's the full story

A Green Seal certification is one of our most important criteria for choosing a property. Check out the list of other properties

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