Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our Hero, Ray Anderson

Today we morn the loss of Ray Anderson, Sustainability Leader and Interface Chairman. Ray Anderson changed our world when Amy and I first read Mid-Course Correction in 1998. With his gracious permission, we used his case study and learning in our early teachings in the meeting industry. He openly shared any information that would bring about change. We were lucky enough to hear him speak on several occasions and to finally meet him. He was the real deal.

If Life is about "leaving the place better than you found it," Ray Anderson definitely accomplished this goal. Perhaps the best way to honor him, in our own humble way, is to continue working to bring about a mid-course correction in the meeting and event industry we love.

“There is only one institution on earth that is large enough, powerful enough, pervasive enough, wealthy enough, and influential enough to really lead human kind in a different direction, out of the mess that we have created for ourselves… that is the institution of business and industry.” Ray Anderson

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