Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Change Feels Good...Yes, It Does!

Join me as I enjoy the colorful beauty and bounty of this season and give thanks for the remarkable changes orchestrated in the world of sustainable meetings. You might even feel inspired to take note of changes this past year and share your gratitude--that is what I do here today.

I am so very thankful for...

  • The continued growth of GMIC with chapters throughout the world and a leadership propelling us to the next level in environmentally and socially conscious meetings
  • The MeetGreen team that partners with organizations on award-winning events using the Earth's resources wisely
  • Our clients who allow us to "play in their sandbox" and influence sustainability with their buying power
  • Fellow change makers, like yourself, who believe passionately in making the meetings industry more sustainable and our future opportunities
  • Those intrepid committee and panel members who are bringing forward standards for the rest of us
  • Students who have made green meetings a part of their research or thesis and will be the next true leaders of this movement
  • Hotels, conference centers, sports venues and meeting facilities who have embraced green in a big way seeing both the economic and environmental benefits
  • My blog followers who have doubled in size this year and help keep me motivated to learn and share more
  • And to Mother Nature herself, who reminds me how important this work is with a flutter of a bird's wings on the breeze, the damp musky smell of the forest, and the sun warming my upturned face.

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