Thursday, February 23, 2012

Oracle OpenWorld Saves Half a Million Dollars

That's right, by moving attendees in a more efficient and environmentally responsible manner, Oracle has saved $500K in transportation costs over the past 4 years. For more information about how they did it, take a look at page 11 of the Oracle Openworld 2011 Case Study

Page 7 of that report will tell you about how their Event Branding Team is also onboard and 86% of their signs were diverted from the landfill.

As an added bonus, this year Oracle OpenWorld took a look at what their compliance would be against (then proposed, now final) APEX/ASTM Standards and proposed ISO 20121 Standards. Details can be found on pages 16 and 17 of the report.

In addition, they have achieved the highest ranking for an event of their size on the MeetGreen Calculator at a score of 86%.

Our continued gratitude to the entire Event Team at Oracle OpenWorld for sharing this information with the rest of us that we may learn. It takes courage, authenticity and a genuine desire to better our industry's footprint upon this Earth.

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