Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Are You on the Transition Team?

"The world is changing 
and I am on the transition team." 

This is an exciting time to be on the transition team for meetings and events.  After years of meeting planning practices being fairly static, our world is being shaped by:

  • Technology
  • Hybrid events
  • Climate change 
  • Introverts finding their voice
  • Social media
  • Increased awareness of organizations' corporate citizenship
  • Sustainability
  • Sustained economic pressure
  • Globalization
  • Well-informed, involved attendees

So if you aren't on the transition team already, it's time to get involved.   Start today by tweeting about your event, develop an event disaster plan for severe weather, attend a hybrid event, save money through green practices, design your program with introverts in mind and include a CSR program in your next event.

Welcome to the team!

Note: Although I don't know who to attribute the quote above to, I am guessing it is the same person that said, "Honey, Normal is now just a setting on the dryer." 



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