Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sustainability: What I Learned From Football

Trying to incorporate sustainable event practices into your meetings or organization? Take a hint from American football. Yes, football. 

While you know your goal is to be as green as possible, it is a long way to the end zone.  Here is a little advice straight from the coach's handbook...

  • Concentrate on the next 10 yards. Without incremental wins along the way, you can't reach the goal line.  
  • Use your special teams. Green teams filled with passionate individuals can often move things forward faster. 
  • When in doubt, punt. Sometimes the well-conceived plan just doesn't work. Consider all of your options.  
  • Take time to huddle. After a burst of enthusiastic success, gathering together to celebrate and redefine your strategy may be in order. 
  • Every player is essential. No team can win without everyone's full commitment in their area of expertise. Everyone in your organization should understand the sustainability initiatives and their role.
  • The best defense is a good offense.  By consistently working towards being a better corporate citizen, your organization will not be called upon to defend itself against questionable environmental or social practices.

Note: Football's chest pounding, butt slapping, and Gatorade dumping...optional!

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