Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Do You Know Who I Am?

"Hello, I am Mr X's personal assistant and I am calling to let you know he will be at your conference."

"Yes, I understand you have online registration, but Mr X doesn't register online."

"He would like to know if the following (his list of peers) will be there before he gives his final approval."

"Yes, I understand you don't give out the name of other registrants, but Mr. X must know."

"Mr. X will be bringing his press agent, his travel secretary, his presentation coordinator, his close friend and his bodyguard who will need all-access passes at no additional charge."

If you have managed registration for high-level conferences and events this one-sided dialogue probably sounds all too familiar.   After all, front-line customer service an important aspect of the attendee experience we are hired to provide.

After special registrants are dealt with before the event begins, their arrival onsite also triggers concern for the registration staff who want to ensure they are properly handled, especially if most of the participants fall into this category.  We have first-hand knowledge as participants at one of our larger conferences are “Director’s Level” and above representatives of Fortune 100 companies. 

We understand, standing in line at registration isn’t the best use of their time.  Enter the Registration Concierge.

The Registration Concierge stands in front of the bank of registration kiosks greeting all attendees and asking questions to assist them before they reach the desk. They give one-on-one attention, assisting participants through the process in a seamless manner.   It minimizes guests waiting in the wrong line and ends the frustration.  VIP participants are spotted early and assisted appropriately.  The Concierge paves the way and provides a warm welcome to the event for everyone.

Such a simple solution and gracious way to address the busy, tired traveler who most likely just struggled their way through airports, ground transit and security systems while dragging heavy bags.  At that point, we humans have one thing in common, we just want a friendly face to say hello, help us get checked in to the event and on our way.

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