Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Story Problems

You remember those lessons..."If a train going 60 mph passes another train going 40 mph, how many apples do you have left?"

Case studies are similar, just not as confusing.  In fact, event case studies actually simplify the data by telling the story in away to help the reader learn from the problems and solutions. 

Sharing case studies is a vital step in moving our collective knowledge forward.  They allow us to learn from each others' experiences.  No one wants to learn the lesson "the hard way."

We have recently added three new case studies to our collection:  Oracle OpenWorld 2012, IMEX America 2012 and BSR 2012, found here http://meetgreen.com/free-info/case-studies/ .  We offer them in the spirit of sharing both our successes and our continuous challenges in the green meeting world. 

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