Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Let's Get Engaged

Engaging and connecting is what we do.  Whether the engagement is face-to-face, virtual or hybrid, our core competency as meeting managers is to bring information, education and a sense of community to our audience.

A new report by Virtual Edge Institute in Smart Meetings, June 2013, finds the virtual event audience is trending up.  Here are a few of the findings:

  • 67% of respondents said their online attendance is on the upswing
  • 50% want to make money with their online event activities
  • 40% hope to leverage online events to drive participation to face-to-face meetings
  • 35 % indicated that attendees are averaging more than three hours in an online event

Getting started producing virtual meetings is probably the hardest part.  Here are a list of resources to help you get engaged in the fastest growing trend the meetings industry:

Lessons Learned:  Hybrid Meetings
This article will share our perspective in getting started with hybrid meetings.

12 Best Practices for Hybrid Meetings
Concise list of practices for virtual meetings by Bill Cooney

Four Takeaways from a Hybrid Meeting that Worked
Thought-provoking discuss of what worked at EventCamp Vancouver by Mitchell Beer

12 Questions to Consider When Hosting a Hybrid Event
Jeff Hurt brings in the event sponsor point of view

Helping Your Speakers Navigate Hybrid Events
Speaker management requires extra care and training when dealing with a virtual audience.  Carole Garner and I share our learning.

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