Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Show and Tell

Just like back in school, we can all learn from a good "show and tell" session.  Today's session involves sustainable solutions for a couple of difficult logistical requirements.  Everyone knows meetings can't do without signage and name badges, but both of these usually require unsustainable solutions.

Last month's Living Future's unConference 2013 incorporated two great ideas.

Printed on a sustainable substrate, these session signs saved both materials and human resources.  Each room sign was printed with the session names for the entire day.   Even better, just flip them over and you will find the next day's sessions for the same room.  Brilliant!  The bonus for meeting planners with tired feet, is the signs could be put out once in the morning, used for the entire day and simply turned around the next morning.  A quick calculation estimates this system saved over 200 additional signs being produced for the event.

This is the event's program.  This is also the participant's name badge.  A name badge label is simply affixed to the white side of the program and a lanyard clipped through the hole.  And there you have it...a small program which minimizes resources and a name badge without the plastic cover all in one neat, conveniently located package.

Participants loved this solution and happily recycled them after the event.

Photo Credit: Shawna McKinley

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