Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Are green meetings just a trend?

No way! Will the green meeting practices continue? Absolutely!

In the “State of Green Business 2008” report, Joel Makower states, “Green business has shifted from a movement to a market. But there is much, much more to do.” Joel’s report covers many areas our industry touches such as transportation, energy efficiency, office space, paper use and recycling. It also provides valuable resources and links. I highly recommend taking a look. http://www.stateofgreenbusiness.com/

The world media is devoting attention to environmental issues and climate change. Even magazines such as Sports Illustrated and Vanity Fair had issues devoted to green in 2007. The meeting and event industry is no different. Green meetings were featured 42 times in meeting industry trade publications last year. There is a solid buzz that is not slowing down.

While the media hype surrounding green may fade in time, the solid practices being put into place won’t. Planners have found a new way to cut costs, provide a competitive advantage and increase delegate satisfaction. The economic savings alone will ensure we don’t return to past practices.

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Shawna McKinley said...

I always find it interesting when people ask the question 'are green meetings a trend?'. Since the 1980's we have witnessed the escalating environmental crisis. Each time our interest piques it is a new issue: deforestation, species extinction, the hole in the ozone layer, toxics and their impact on health. Now it seems climate change has again turned our consciousness to green. I would argue it is not a passing fad, but an escalating crisis that each of us can't afford to not address in practical ways through our meetings. Our purpose should be to never hear of the next crisis because we are all busy addressing it.