Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ideas Multiply When You Share Them

The 2009 Meetings Market Trends Survey includes stats and charts about how meeting planners are readily adopting green meeting practices. Take a look in the February Meetings Media publications for the full story. Meanwhile, I thought it would be fun to share some of the unedited ideas and comments from the survey respondents:

"We have stopped printing our 3-volume convention and seminar manuals. We ask the hotel for recycling bins. We’re going to start asking about leftover food to make sure they are giving what they can to a food program."

"I developed and introduced our "Green Initiative" at our Annual Convention in June...In fact, overall, the initiatives saved us money. The biodegradable cups were obviously less expensive than bottled water, and the grocery bags saved us about 65% compared with the cost for our typical tote bags. We also did a good job of promoting the Green Initiative in advance (through emails) and on-site in our Show Daily. Of those attendees who responded to our electronic convention evaluation, 72% were aware of our Green Initiative, and of those who had an opinion about it, 89% approved of our new program. These were small steps, but now that I have demonstrated cost savings and buy-in from attendees, I know that we can continue and expand upon our Green Initiative."

"I am working on incorporating green concepts into our meetings right now. Last year we had some contests where the winners received trees planted in their honor rather than a promo item."

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