Monday, January 19, 2009

It's A State Of Mind

They said it wouldn’t last. They were wrong. The Sustainable Meeting Industry is alive and growing—it shows no signs of stopping.

2008 was a wild and crazy ride and the path ahead in 2009 looks just as exciting! Meeting Strategies Worldwide is proud to present our inaugural State of the 2009 Sustainable Meetings Industry Report. Trends and forecasts speak to continued economic challenges and increased demand for sustainable meetings. Both present a perfect storm of conditions to continue to motivate all of us to improve the value of what we do by exploring new ideas to be most sustainable and maximize return on investment.

In this year's report we set the stage for 2009 by discussing the trends and economic factors that are affecting us all, and then provide you with some ideas to address emerging areas of policy, human interest and technology for events. We hope you'll feel encouraged to go forth, mindful that 2009 lies ahead of all of us a clean field of untrodden snow, careful how you tread on it, for every step will show. Read the full report here

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