Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Are You Kidding Me Right Now?

OK, I borrowed this line from my daughter, but it sums up how I feel when I read articles that remind me being environmentally responsible gets even more complex every day like this one about knowing the product's water footprint.


Now don't get me wrong, I actually believe that water probably the most important issue that is not being addressed. I am concerned about the human impact, security issues, and the ability to provide potable drinking water to a large percentage of the population in the not-to-distant future. But I worry that the complexity of the issues may have people throwing up their hands in a state of overwhelm. That they will not even start with the small steps because of the enormity.

So I guess what I am really trying to say today is...don't give up...keep doing whatever you can take on right now...it is good enough! Just acquaint yourself with the issues so you know which to address when you ready.

Let's remember every step is movement in the right direction!

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Unknown said...

Nancy - Thank you for this post! It gets me thinking about the dovetailing of food miles & water footprints. For instance, if you live in the arid southwest, is your overally footprint less if you buy food from farther afield, where crops are generally watered by naturally occurring sources, or closer to home, where miles traveled are less but the opportunity cost of the irrigation water is higher? Interesting to consider. Most of all, you're right - we all just need to do the best we can to make an informed choice, and know that every small act helps. I suspect balance is the key, as in most things.