Thursday, July 15, 2010

Measuring Up: APEX Environmentally Sustainable Meeting Standards

We've been talking a lot about measurement lately and finally the APEX/ASTM Environmentally Sustainable Meeting Standards are close to being launched. The question, "How do I know if my meeting is green?" can finally be answered with recognized standards. To get you started, The Green Meeting Industry Council will present a day long training session at the MPI WEC Conference next week in Vancouver, BC.

Amy Spatrisano, MeetGreen, chaired the APEX Panel to develop the standards and answers questions to give us a sneak peak...

What is the purpose of the standards?
The voluntary standards can be implemented to create a more sustainable meeting or event. They are measurable, available in a tiered system to allow for different levels of engagement, address policies and hold both the supplier and planner accountable for implementing them. They are intended to be complimentary to other meeting industry recognized standards.

How do I use the standards?

You can use them:
1. To acceptably assert the meeting is environmentally sustainable.
Currently there are no accepted criteria for meeting professionals to lay claims to planning or delivering green or sustainable meetings. The standards are intended to provide consistent criteria that all meetings should follow if they are going to be considered or marketed green or environmentally sustainable.

2. As a tool to help you implement environmentally sustainable meetings.
The standards are structured to work as a resource, a guide if you will. They provide a framework of specific measurable criteria for you to follow and the standards include resources.

3. As a competitive advantage for –
Planners: By integrating the standards in your meeting practices will illustrate your ability to execute at an industry recognized level of performance. In doing so, you will be elevating your expertise and marketability as a meeting professional.
Suppliers: By providing green/sustainable meeting offering you’ll be able to respond to growing client demand, remain competitive and elevate public perception of your product or services.

We'll ask her about the "how-to's" of implementing the standards in the next post.

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