Thursday, January 20, 2011

San Francisco Is After My Heart

Imagine for a moment a sustainable travel option in your convention's destination city to link participants from the airport to their hotels.

Imagine this travel option includes a revenue sharing structure for your organization.

Imagine your staff rides free.

Imagine marketing support is included.

Imagine each rider will keep 22 lbs. of emission out of the local air.

Seems like a dream, doesn't it? Well, give yourself a little shake because it is reality in San Francisco, California, thanks to the BART Sustainable Convention Travel Program. Here's the scoop from BART:

BART’s Sustainable Convention Travel Program provides meeting planners with a unique opportunity to provide sustainable travel options for San Francisco conventions and meetings. This program provides a platform that facilitates the use of BART’s eco-friendly, sustainable SFO transfers by convention staffs and attendees. The program allows your members/attendees to purchase a BART transfer/voucher in advance from our website. The voucher is printed and exchanged for a BART ticket upon arrival at SFO. Once the ticket is in hand, your attendee boards the train and arrives downtown in 30 minutes.

The Details

BART provides you with a “unique” URL/link for your convention. This URL/link connects to our SFO Voucher Transfer product purchase page. We then provide you with customized “Sustainable Transfer” information that includes the URL/link, to be prominently placed in the appropriate section of your convention website. Your attendees connect to BART from this page to purchase their BART SFO transfer. In addition, your URL/link allows us to track the purchases made for your conference. The program is easy, fast and convenient for you and your members.

Shawna McKinley in our office just heard about this yesterday from the San Francisco Travel Association. Those of you holding conferences in San Francisco, congratulations! Now, let's see if other destinations will follow suit.

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