Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sustainable Heads In Beds

Sixty-five percent of corporate travel executives are implementing sustainable travel guidelines for their companies, according to a recent study conducted by MindClick SGM. That's great news! The executives polled are responsible for over $10 million in annual travel budgets.

The curious part of the study is only 2% of those surveyed would include LEED certification in their definition of hotel sustainability. Really? This third-party certification along with others such as Green Seal, Green Globe or Green Key are very helpful in determining if a hotel is sustainable. By choosing a property which has been third-party verified it saves meeting and travel manager's time by not having to drill down as far into the hotel's operating efficiencies.

The study also found that no single hotel brand has emerged as a leader in sustainability. I would agree with that statement. However, there are several brands making significant progress and implementing incredible sustainability initiatives and I look for a leader to emerge shortly.

Here is the full story by Enviornmental Leader

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