Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Still Tracking 2011 Trends

Trend #6 for 2011. "Being green remains important for many planners who look for properties to have these initiatives in place. In fact, it's generally assumed they do. Government meetings demand it, as does, increasingly the pharmaceutical industry," according to Benchmark Hospitality International's "Top Ten Meeting Trends for 2011" observed by its properties.

Solidly in the top ten trends once again, sustainable meetings and events are being requested (or demanded) consistently. The trend goes on to say that "if asked to choose between being green or providing maximum cost savings, budgets still take precedence." Agreed, this is about business! It is important to note here, if you are a hotelier competing against another property with similar rates, your green initiatives will give you the competitive advantage.

View all of the trends here http://www.hotelflow.com/article51743.html

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