Thursday, February 3, 2011

Luxury is Sustainable!

Traveling away from home to attend a meeting usually means long hours, airports and unfamiliar surroundings. When you get to the meeting, don’t you want to feel pampered? Of course you do! So do your conference or event participants. Here are a few tips for making our guests feel special:

• Pour their coffee into china cups instead of Styrofoam. Don't forget the little sugar cube instead of the paper wrapped product.
• Serve them fresh, local specialties so they may enjoy the flavor of the region.
• Select organic and natural food to keep them healthy.
• Opt for hotel rooms not cleaned with toxic chemicals to disrupt their sleep.
• Help their internal clocks fight jet lag by holding your meeting in a room with windows and natural daylight.
• Don’t give them reams of paper handouts to drag around, put the information on a compact USB key.
• Host the meeting as close to home as possible so they won’t miss time with their family and friends.

Your guests will sing your praises for incorporating these pampering, green meeting practices into your next meeting!

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