Tuesday, May 17, 2011

CSR Goes to Market

Looking for a community project for your organization or event? Here's an idea from Hollywood. Not the "Hollywood," instead my neighborhood in Portland, Oregon.

The local community center recently started a project to glean food for area seniors. Each week, Hollywood Farmer's Market vendors are asked to donate any food products not returning to the farms. Community Center volunteers arrive at the market upon closing, round up all the healthy, fresh food and take it to the neighborhood senior center. The Hollywood Center prepares the food and serves 30-60 seniors in-house and 150-200 seniors daily.

Such an easy, creative volunteer project with huge rewards. Now look around. Is this already happening in your area or could you start it? Could your organization provide volunteers? Would your conference or event provide volunteers as a community project? Imagine the difference a few hours of time can make to those in need.

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Nancy J. Zavada, CMP said...

Update: Last week the local farmers and vendors donated 89 pounds of food to this program! Volunteers from NECC made the transition seamless. Great news.