Friday, May 13, 2011

Digesting the APEX/ASTM Standards

Photo of organic artichoke taken by MeetGreen

One quarter of the food for your event’s meals will be sustainable. Yes, 25% sustainable food may be required to meet Level One of the Food/Beverage Sector of the APEX/ASTM Standards according to the latest version (remember, these aren’t final, but I am still trying to help you get prepared). Sustainable food, in this case, includes both organic and/or local food products from within 250 miles.

Planning Sustainable Food and Beverage Events was the focus of yesterday's GMIC webinar including some of the proposed standards for Level One. Wendi Shafir, LEED AP, Chair of the APEX/ASTM Standards Food/Beverage Committee, provided clarification on a couple of procurement points. There was also discussion on both budgeting and negotiating to make environmentally friendly meals a reality. If you are interested in learning more, the full webinar will be available here

P.S. During the presentation, I promised to research another requirement of “bird friendly” coffee, here is a link with more information

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