Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Prefer "Caribbean Green," If You Don't Mind

photo of green crayons taken by MeetGreen for sustainability blogSomeone referred to me as "dark green" the other day. Strange. It made me think of crayon colors, although I am sure that wasn't his goal. It also made me think about all the other colors in the box.

There are organizations who are very sustainable, environmentally and socially responsible who haven't brought this mandate forth to the meetings and events they hold. We see this time and time again. Somehow there is a disconnect between their vision to save the planet and their actions when convening stakeholders.

On the flip side, there are meeting departments producing exceptionally green meetings when the organization isn't all that interested if it doesn't impact stock prices. Venues have the same issue when the operations team incorporates measures to save energy, water and the environment, yet the sales team appears to be completely unaware (management usually knows because these measures are saving money).

As leaders in this industry, I believe our next step is to reduce this "silo effect" in each of our organizations and remember, even if we are different colors, we are all in the same box.

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