Thursday, October 6, 2011

Behind the Scene at Oracle OpenWorld 2011

When I talked about top organization's green meetings earlier this week, I also shared how willing they are to be transparent and offer up their experiences so that we may all learn.

This week's GMIC tour of Oracle OpenWorld is an excellent example of industry leadership. Over 45 members listened and learned as Paul Salinger, Oracle, kicked off the tour of Oracle OpenWorld 2011 for the lucky participants.

Photo of GMIC Tour at Oracle Open World
A stop in the kitchen provides answers on procuring, producing and serving sustainable menus. How can Chef Jeff Hall look so relaxed during the tour when he as 43,000 hungry guests roaming his facility?

Photo of kitchen at Moscone Center during Oracle OpenWorld
And on the back docks, Hector Quiles, Recycling Manager at Moscone Center, talks about how they handle large debris and trade show floor materials for recycling.

Photo of recycling center at Moscone Center during Oracle OpenWorld

Front of house, back of house, no stone left unturned. Questions asked and answered!

Thanks to Shawna McKinley, MeetGreen, for the photos and her participation.

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